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Stamping table

The multistage or vacuum motors are proven elements in the stamping sector:

The lines MS8, MS11 / 020 and MS11 / 080 have been designed for equipment in which vacuum pressures of 12.5 to 80 millibar are required.

These units offer many advantages over other centrifugal and side blowers, which operate with exceptionally low noise levels, do not require maintenance for more than two years (at ambient temperatures up to 40º C, and there is no need to worry about the brushes, since that these are two-pole induction motors.

They are characterized by a flexible and exclusive structure. The modular system used allows numerous modifications of the number of stages and various voltage and frequency options of the motor. These features, combined with a wide range of accessories - such as intake filters, mounting accessories and terminal boxes - make multi-stage blowers the ideal equipment for stamping applications