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Extraction of welding smoke

Since the entry into force of strict standards of hygiene and industrial safety, great attention is paid to the effects of the generated smoke in the welding processes. The smoke generated by the flux used in welding contains rosin, which can irritate the skin and respiratory tract. Acute toxic effects have been observed in people exposed to fumes from various welding processes.

The lines of multistage and centrifugal fans are used extensively for the extraction of welding fumes due to their characteristics:

  • They are highly effective, both in the way they extract the smoke and their low operating costs.
  • They are simple and easy to install.
  • They have exceptionally low noise levels.
  • They are solid and reliable.

Our large assortment of accessories - including spouts, filters and protective devices - allows customers to modify the extraction unit without having to change the design of the installation.