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Silos conditioning

The use of the ACI centrifugal blowers Range is very widespread for the cooling, drying and silos ventilation.

The advantages:

  • VBW7 and VBW9 fans, available in single-phase and three-phase models.
  • Anti-corrosion aluminum housing.
  • Integrated blade protectors.
  • Possibility of monitoring the state of the grains from the air that leaves the fan.
  • Easily interchangeable units.
  • All the fans are totally adaptable to horizontal and vertical systems.

Fans Selection:

The airflow resistance characteristics of the pedestal fans are adjusted by perforators in the basic unit and by their interaction with the stored product. The required fan pressure is hardly affected by the depth of the product. The size of the grooves will depend on the need to avoid the entry of grains into the duct. In the case of small seeds, the yield can be improved by covering the basic unit with a cloth filter.

Technical data

From this section you can access various useful topics that will be useful to specify the dimensions of an industrial fan. At the moment, the content is presented only in English.