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General cleaning of parts and other transport applications

Regardless of the line speed and the particular requirements of your conveyor belt, ACI can help with cleaning and drying.

General information:

In many industrial processes, the removal of water or accumulated waste on the products surface can be a problem. ACI drying solutions allow components to be processed uniformly and exhaustively, eliminating the possibility of inadequately dried parts and the consequent repetition costs. In addition, they are flexible enough to allow drying an infinite number of component configurations, from blind holes to products of various shapes and sizes.

Among some examples of the numerous problems that have been solved with the air knives systems of ACI deserve to be mentioned:

Cleaning parts and other transport applications

  • The air knives are especially suitable for the processing of products and the manufacture of pieces .ACI offers a wide variety of solutions for the continuous and controlled cleaning and drying of conveyor systems.

Applications include: Product clamping devices, vacuum clamping devices, cleaning conveyor systems and production lines of any speed.