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Food industry

ACI drying systems can perform many tasks needed in the food industry, such as drying, spreading oil, eliminating static and much more.

General information:

In many industrial processes, the removal of water or accumulated waste on the surface of the products can be a problem. ACI drying solutions allow components to be processed uniformly and exhaustively, eliminating the possibility of inadequately dried parts and the consequent repetition costs. In addition, they are flexible enough to allow drying an infinite number of component configurations, from blind holes to products of various shapes and sizes.

Among some examples of the numerous problems that have been solved with the air knives systems of ACI deserve to be mentioned:

Food sector, including fresh foods:

In any conveyor system in the food sector, where it is necessary to completely eliminate water and moisture from the surface, the coatings require an exact control of the thickness, as well as the removal of solids or residues, or the elimination of static.

Applications include: Drying potatoes / tomatoes before packaging; elimination of excess breading in chickens and fish; drying of pieces of potatoes before frying, application of oil on pizza bases.